Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trimming llamas' toes

Today we used our new llama stanchion to trim the toes of our two llamas.  For the first llama, Winnona, it went well- she walked right in, didn't put up a fuss while we trimmed her toes, wormed her and gave her a CDT vaccine.  

Then came Fancy.  she's our less cooperative llama.  She tried all evasive maneuvers- laying down, side to side leg and body movements, spitting, trying to pee on us, yelling, but she still was contained and safe.  We were able to trim her toes and give her worming and CDT shots without injury to anyone.  She's not happy, but she's healthy.  The stanchion worked great and worth every penny!  I may be able to use it with donkey and calves too.

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