Friday, April 3, 2009

I should not have complained

because now I have my work cut out for me.  Saphie, our blue-eyed black Nigerian Dwarf doe, gave birth to quads tonight.  She normally nurses only 2 kids at a time and is not well endowed. So looks like I will have 1-2 bottle babies.  Initially she was not taking care of them- not licking them or trying to get them to nurse.  Plus it's 36 degrees and dropping.  Initially I put them in enclosed pen but then decided to bring them into the house- the laundry room.  I got the kids dried off and warmed up.  They still would not nurse and Saphie was not cooperating so I milked her, place the colostrum into a bottle and fed all four of them.  Now they are up and about better and trying harder to nurse.  And Saphie seems to be settling down taking care of them.  So in the morning I will need to get goat milk and diapers.
 So here's the new additions:
Sugar Magnolia
Welcome to the world (or at least the laundry room)!


Franna said...

They are very cute!
- Franna

Donna said...

Thanks! Still no lambs but kids will due for now. They are doing great after a long night- they are all now nursing on their mother and have full tummies. So no run to the store yet- we'll see if she can keep up with 4 hungry babes though.

HisTek said...

Wow, Donna, 4 kids! Congratulations! They are cute! We have had goat kids in the house too. Beethovan was one.

Donna said...

I am thinking it will be brief- I will bring them out to the pen this morning and working on cleaning up the laundry room- they made a mess in a short period of time. It is supposed to be cold again tonight but with full bellies they should do fine. How's Beethoven doing?

Rayna said...

Oooh, I want Sophia! Beautiful babies! Congrats!

Donna said...

Thanks! But I am guessing you do not wish to drive from Minnesota to pick up Sophia.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Well, Garrett is making noises about driving out from MN this year, and Franna is making noises about a trip east, so maybe transport could be arranged between you and Rayna!

Donna said...


Shaun the Sheep "Off the Baa"

Shaun the Sheep clip "Save the Tree"