Monday, July 13, 2009

Bucks and barn

I have come to the somewhat painful conclusion that I need to try to trade one of my bucks for an unrelated buck. Two of my bucks are related to my original buck as are three of my breeding does. And it makes no sense to keep four bucks. Unfortunately these are the best looking bucks I have seen. There is Yahoo:

And there is J. P.:

We have also begun the long projects of refurbishing the rabbit hutches and the barn. All will get new roofs, supports, walls and paint. So these are the "before" photos.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Sounds like a BIG project! We need some work done around here, too; you guys available for hire? ;-)

Aimee said...

Hi there! I am in the same boat. I have the cutest little buckling I've ever seen and I wish I could keep him, but I just can't. You don't have nubians, do you? We are neighbors, and maybe we could arrange a trade. I run a clean herd and would be happy to send you some pics. (or you could see him on my blog His name is storm cloud, and he's black and white, flashy spots like the first buck you pictured there. aimee

Anonymous said...

I still really want Yahoo but I don't think Steve is up for it. Let me try again....I want to breed my girls to him again this fall as I LOVE their offspring.

Krista Murphy, Hens and Friends Farm said...

That was me on the anon. post. Sorry, I stink at this blogger stuff. But I really do want to have him:~)

Donna said...

Hi Krista,
I was assuming since I did not hear from you he said no. Let me know soon though since I have to come up with a new buck soon.

Donna said...

We have plenty of work
here but thanks for the offer of more!

Nice to hear from a neighbor and you have a great blog! Unfortunately I am looking for a ND buckling so will need to pass on your gorgeous buckling.

Gail V said...

Hey Donna,
your old barn makes me smile, it looks so much like the shed my ewes live in most of the year!
Gail at LittleRedOak in MN

Donna said...

We were just praying it would stay standing through the winter. Now we really need to get a new roof and poles before the next one hits (and we need somewhere to put the next 8 tons of hay too!).

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