Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Heat

We are in the middle of a heat wave here- unusual for this area. My thermometer currently says 103 degrees and it is in the shade. The sheep are seeking shade:
And the goats are hiding in the barn:
Ebony (in the background) is only in the sun because she thinks she's going to be fed some grain (and she's right).


Nancy K. said...

Oh, those poor animals!! I think you should bring them into the house.

You do have air-conditioning, don't you?


Franna said...

Air conditioning - are you kidding??? Air conditioning is considered a luxury in Western Washington - not worth the money for the few days a year when you'd maybe use it.

I spent a lot of time today in my truck (has AC) and the grocery store in front of the dairy shelves. whew!

Donna said...

Our house is way too small for our animals. We actually are one of the rare people here that have AC. A machine came with the place. We have never used it before but are now. It's in the bedroom window and actually works! So 103 degrees does not seem so bad- at least in our 70 degree bedroom!

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