Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Last evening we bottled our cider. Here's the filtering/racking station.
Here's the capping station.
Here's the labeling table.
And here's a few bottles of the cider. It will be ready in a few months.
We sampled a little, and carboy #2 is by far the best.


HisTek said...

you guys are so industrious. You have a cute house too. Yesterday's cartoon was very funny. Happy Thanksgiving!

Aimee said...

congratulations! I am sad because the cider that my homebrewin' friends brought me back is icky. I'm thinking I probably can't serve it at Thanksgiving. It's sour.
Oh well.

Donna said...

Jackie we are working too hard and need a break. And the house is a mess. You are too kind calling it cute. And now it is also sticky.

Aimee, I was concerned when I heard the cider story but was hoping for the best. You definitely should learned to make your own hard cider!

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