Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby, It's Still Cold Outside

But I am trying not to complain. There are others out there who have dealt with high winds, much colder temperatures and frozen water pipes so we are doing just great!
Here's the sheep beds from last night. You can see the oval spots without frost and the poop on one end. It always amazes me that the sheep never use their barn at night. The goats, donkeys and chickens definitely do.
Here's our eldest ram Jocko on ice.
Here's our tough frosty ram lambs.
And here's the sunrise at 9 AM, merely 17 hours after sunset. Maybe it will warm above freezing today (unlikely).
INJURY UPDATE: My skin is almost back to normal. The color is good, but it is thickened and has somewhat diminished sensation still. And I wore my snowshoe pants out to do critters this morning.


Chicken Boys said...

Well, I just found your blog through Pam. Congrats on the nest box! I'm excited to get mine! My little half acre is limited to chickens and pigeons, dogs and cats. I dream of having the land and money for a full-fledged farm! That would be great. I'd like to have some snow, too. But till then me and the birds will keep up truckin'! Have a great day!!

Susan said...

It looks like the weather is the same where we live. Breaking ice out of water buckets, etc. We finally just put whole round bales out for the cattle. The wind is so strong that the hay was all blowing away when we forked it off. I read about your goat that just died. Our grandma goat died last winter. She was the start of it all. I named a doeling after her this spring.

Donna said...

Chicken Boys,
I am so sorry to hear about your father. I hope he will be OK but it sure sounds like it'll take a while. Amazing how life changes huh? Goes from winning a nest box to worry about your dad.

Donna said...

Our weather is not nearly as bad as yours.
It's nice you are able to keep up the legacy of your grandma goat. We did not keep any of Candy's kids so no legacy, just memories.

Kathy said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, Donna. It's way cold here too - below zero at night. I may have to put a heat lamp on the chickens or continue to lose eggs from freezing and splitting before they are collected.

Donna said...

You're getting eggs!?! Our chickens and ducks have given up completely. And I am supposed to bring eggs to Christmas dinner.

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